Meri Asha Samajik Sanstha

Registration No: BS3697, Registered with FCRA, 12AA, & 80G

About us

With the theme to reach to unreached for the community of these downtrodden

sub- pressed  people with the hope and aim of bringing them into the mainstream of education and awareness by putting them optimistic thinking, we started our work My Hope on the platform of  Meri Asha Samajik Sanstha in the year 2005. Becoming Hope & Voice to the people of the lowest column of the society with few identical thinking citizens from different backgrounds. We have continued responding to the existing health issues like HIV/AIDS, Maleria, Tuberculosis, health alertness and cleanliness. Aiming Social Recognition and rural Livelihood, Leadership Training, Financial Security, Addiction free, Women and child Education and development.

no poverty

best education

clean water

good health


help is our main goal!

To aware people and to dwell in society with Harmony, Peace, Equality and Justice. The fundamental rights of the people with better Livelihood opportunities. People become Transform Mediator for the development of better society in agreement with compassionate values. Enabling people through Training & teaching for better living situations, generating consciousness regarding health & cleanliness, facilitating them towards accomplishing living opportunity.

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we've funded 12,503 charity projects for 2k

Mass is working to save mother earth

Give a future to a Scholar and plant your very own family or corporate LEGACY TREE, thus saving our environment.